• Pinch Zoom – Zandra Stratford

    An exaggerated, minimalist detail of motifs; reflex curves, concrete and muted tones, subdued typography reduced to letterforms without context. This work contains almost as a reference the entire palette and trope of related pieces. It exudes a quiet confidence and authority, like the index of a book or an architectural blueprint, from which other pieces are derived.


  • Mirror Mirror – Gillian Hyland

    The photographs are part of an ongoing project called ‘Words in Sight’, the narrative series is inspired by poetry written over the past decade. The pictures are a new perspective on past events, the composition of each image suggests a larger narrative within a single moment, with the emotional expression at it’s core.


  • Supernova – Richard Hoey

    This piece finds its inspiration in the ‘pedra portuguesa’, a hand laid paving formed from hand cut limestone. Supernova is based on the idea of a mandala; a focal point for concentrating one’s mind. The subject reflected on here is impermanence, one of life’s great questions. ‘I took the design of a famous paving stone used in the city of Sao Paulo, which itself is in a phase of ‘disappearance,’ states Hoey.


  • Copper in Verdigris Orb IX – Mark Beattie

    Copper in Verdigris Orb IX is created from one continuous copper pipe with no obvious beginning or end. Made for display either indoors or out, the centre of the piece which remain shiny, as it is both polished and lacquered.


  • Crowland – Chris Kenny

    Crowland is a complex map ‘drawing’ made from collected map fragments which are mounted on pins and so appear to float together in a three-dimensional collage. It is an abstract composition where the elements are not abstracted from nature but derived from the world through the medium of cartography. The title is taken from one piece of map, a little township in Canada called Crowland – it also draws attention to the impression that black birds cover the land.


Curators Choice

Lily Ackerman

Ackerman Studios

After Nyne Gallery is proud to be collaborating with Lily Ackerman on Ackerman Studios x After Nyne Gallery, a bespoke art advisory service that connects emerging & established contemporary artists to some of the most innovative spaces across the UK – whether they be for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail outlets or residential/office spaces; or for distinctive private homes.

Building on over a decade of experience, Lily Ackerman works closely with spaces including 45 Park Lane (part of the The Dorchester Collection) as well as curating private spaces and working on bespoke commissions.

Capitalizing on her extensive relationships with artists and galleries, Lily is an expert at transforming the way people interact with art – making it a spectacular part of the everyday.  She is a great advocate of both emerging and established artists and is continually looking to discover the most exciting new talent, as well as nurturing relationships with established figures with whom she already enjoys long-standing associations. 

Here are Lily’s choices:

Pinch Zoom


I am instinctively drawn to the bold, impactful shapes that make up Zandra Stratford’s works. Pinch, Zoom’s use of typography and colour palette make it one of my favourite pieces. The layering of contrasting tones, textures and shapes build up a visually rich landscape. It’s mesmerizing. Pinch, Zoom embodies the visual language Zandra uses in her Gorgeous Filth series. It’s the starting point, the base idea from which to trace her other works. I love that you can pick out references to this in her other pieces. 


He Maketh and Selleth

Richard Hoey’s works struck me from the moment I saw them. I am deeply interested in the processes and questions he grapples with in his work. The crossing of cultures, the passage of time, decline, disparity and change.  Hoey so cleverly brings these themes into play with his use of ‘pedra portuguesa’ (Portuguese stone) shapes, flocked wall paper and gold leaf. He Maketh and Selleth strikes me in particular for the simple use of shapes and textures. I love the fact that beneath this beautiful surface lies real depth and questioning. Literally under the pavement!


Look Away

Gillian Hyland’s photography weaves a story around the viewer. Posing questions and drawing you into the detailed, set designed frames. Like snapshots of time, they leave you wanting more.  Look Away is particularly mesmerizing. The use of lighting, the mist the dynamics between characters. I want to know more, the house, the car. Where are they and why?  The ultra luxe quality of her works reminds me of a Tom Ford film, highly stylized with emotion so powerfully conveyed.  I feel at the same time voyeuristic and also complicit in the scenes. I am engrossed in the moment. Frozen in time, like the characters in her images.


Featured Artist

Richard Hoey


Richard Hoey has recently returned to the UK after having spent the past years living and working in Brazil. Hoey’s practice is directly informed through his experience of living between these two cultures.
The artist says, ‘My work deals with questions of identity. My own individual identity and national identity. I find myself in a position where I am witness to the effects of Neo-colonialism on Brazil. I use visual references which evidence these effects.’

Hoey employs tactile materials such as gesso, flock paper and metal leaf as a substrate on which to produce multi layered works with highly detailed surfaces. For the artist, the materiality of his work acts as a conductor between the inner and outer worlds of human experience. The materials employed serve as a code, each with its own correspondence.

Richard’s most recent work will be featured at After Nyne’s group show at 45 Park Lane from 10 May – 2 July, ‘Eight from Nyne,’ in association with Ackerman Studios.


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