Ackerman Studios X After Nyne Gallery


Ackerman Studios x After Nyne Gallery offers a bespoke art advisory service that connects emerging & established contemporary artists to some of the most innovative spaces across the UK – whether they be for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail outlets or residential/office spaces; or for distinctive private homes.

We can curate a stimulating corporate or retail environment and accentuate and innovate its image. Whether looking to merely inspire through art or to tell a specific story, we specialize in helping businesses enhance their space and their vision through carefully selected, thoughtfully placed art.

For private homes, we can help to achieve warmth, beauty and visual impact – with art that is handpicked and well-placed by a personal fine art consultant who accommodates your unique style, taste, personality, and budget.

Services include:

  • In-depth analysis and space planning
  • Focused art selection process
  • Privileged access to a comprehensive network of artists and primary market galleries
  • Site-specific commissions
  • Museum-standard framing/crating/shipping/delivery/installation

About Ackerman Studios

Building on over a decade of experience, Lily Ackerman works closely with spaces including 45 Park Lane (part of the The Dorchester Collection) as well as curating private spaces and working on bespoke commissions.

Capitalising on her extensive relationships with artists and galleries, Lily is an expert at transforming the way people interact with art - making it a spectacular part of the everyday. She is a great advocate of both emerging and established artists and is continually looking to discover the most exciting new talent, as well as nurturing relationships with established figures with whom she already enjoys long-standing associations.