Luke & Mandy

Luke and Mandy had known each other for several years before the stars aligned and they went on their first date. Quickly after meeting Luke started to photograph his model girlfriend; they adored the art they created together and began their own series, ‘Two Souls’. This quickly evolved into their own complete brand. The team constantly travel; having now visited over 10 countries, they produce photographic art everywhere they go.

In 2016 the duo began partnering with Zeiss for photo shoots, a relationship which has seen Luke and Mandy becoming fully fledged ambassadors. They had always admired their lenses and view them as the best in the world. In 2017 Luke & Mandy became Editor In Chief and Art Curator for Hungry Eye Journal, the renowned UK based Filmmaking and Photography publication. They are dedicated to showcasing the very best in emerging and established talent in existence.

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