Luke and Mandy
Museum Quality Photographic Print
35.5 x 23.5 in.
Limited Edition 3 of 10

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This image was created in London during the time that the artists shot their first short film, 2015. The dress, with exceptional detail and texture, is made by iconic fashion designer Elizabeth Emanuel. Mandy laid on the stairs outside the Royal Albert Hall, while Londoners and tourists continually walked past. After fifteen minutes and much patience, this image was captured without another human in it.

Artist Details

Luke and Mandy had known each other for several years before the stars aligned and they went on their first date. Quickly after meeting Luke started to photograph his model girlfriend; they adored the art they created together and began their own series, ‘Two Souls’.  This quickly evolved into their own complete brand.  The team constantly travel; having now visited over 10 countries, they produce photographic art everywhere they go.

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