Composition 8914


Vesna Milinkovic
Acrylic on Stretch Canvas
16 x 19 in.

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Belonging to The Freestyle Constructivist series, Composition 8914 is a perceptual play: a two-dimensional work that appears to us in four dimensions, both space and time. Traditional Constructivist works tend to be static, aesthetically flat and therefore strongly graphic. This abstract composition deliberately breaks with convention utilizing space and dynamism, implying space itself, while the objects are created with single individual strokes in contrast to laboured and perfectly executed geometric shapes – these forms bend, fly at angles, rotate, rise and fall, expand and contract, reflect and absorb light.

The three objects exiting the canvas symbolise the triangle and mirror the loosely constructed greater triangle of dynamic forms central to the painting, while simultaneously posturing the internal form. Referencing an ongoing exploration into the concept of Intelligent Design; the idea of an organising principle or unifying ‘field’ of which our reality is subject to.

Artist Details

Vesna Milinkovic is a British abstract painter. Drawing and painting since the mid 1980’s, Milinkovic shifted focus to abstract painting and collage in 1999. Exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Other Art Fair London and Bristol, The Great North Art Show, selling works in the UK and USA.

Five years of formal study in Design and a further two years in Philosophy, Milinkovic has worked as a Creative Director in recent years, making the transition to full time painting in December 2015.

Tending toward the expressive, Milinkovic utilizes gestural mark-making with calligraphic undertones, influenced by the oriental arts and graffiti. When considering the geometric composition and form, experimentation with textural layering is a critical part of the process, at once spontaneous and architectural. Texture varies from obligatory brush work to watermark and print impression, scribble, fragmenting paint and the hammer of obliteration. Spontaneity and the element of chance are the practice, allowing for bold leaps in aesthetic direction. An oscillating tension exists between structure and fluidity, mirroring the push-pull of ordinary existence while contemplating the existential.

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