Lucite (Perspex), True Brit nail varnish
23.62 in.

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This piece is taken from SYRETT’s first collection of works knowingly named after fashion/design/art magazines that SYRETT enjoys reading.

Artist Details

SYRETT’s background is rooted within the fashion industry, as textile designer and fashion stylist. As a designer he has worked for some of the largest fashion brands in the US, London and Paris. This work as a fashion stylist transferred to the music industry, where SYRETT styled international artists for film, TV and videos. His work as a designer and stylist has been published in over 200 international and national publications.   Currently working primarily in nail varnish, SYRETT works in a similar way to Jackson Pollock creating simplistic yet complex colour-scapes, which are highly stylised and glossy. Like the fashion industry’s Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter sequence, SYRETT paints 2 collections per year.

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  • Agnes Pezeu
  • Alexander Charriol
  • Chris Kenny
  • Damien Frost
  • Ferris McGuinty
  • Gillian Hyland
  • Helidon Xhixha
  • Joanne Hummel-Newell
  • Luke and Mandy
  • Maggi Hambling
  • Mark Beattie
  • Richard Hoey
  • Vesna Milinkovic
  • Zandra Stratford
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