Gorgeous Filth #084


Zandra Stratford
Mixed Media Painting on Panel
Size: 48 x 48 in.

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This piece presents a strong foreground of scuffed black so the viewer sees the rest of the painting through a gate or grille, emphasized with a singular, prohibitive X. The scene beyond is one of inviting, cooler tones, harmonized structures and interactions punctuated quietly by a brain-shaped scrawl in semi-transparent white, as if to represent the ghost of the observer. In the center, below the horizon, the composition leads the eye by way of a solitary arrow in pink; a signal emerging almost unnoticed.

About This Artist

Zandra Stratford is a West Coast abstract painter known for bold, semiotic works. Her pieces lay a foundation of elemental earth tones; clay and cement greys and soil blacks, laying strata after strata of contrasting and ambitious colour as a counterpoint to industrial textures, and this overlaid with confident horizontal structures.

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