Richard Hoey
Mixed Media including, Wood, Linen, Card, Metal Leaf, Resin, Oil
39 in.

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Supernova is part of a new series of works which find their inspiration in the ‘pedra portuguesa’, a hand laid paving formed from hand cut limestone. Supernova is based on the idea of a mandala; a focal point for concentrating ones mind. The subject reflected on here is impermanence, one of life’s great questions. Hoey elaborates, ‘I took the design of a famous paving stone used in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil’s financial capital), which itself is in a phase of ‘disappearance’, in many places it is being replaced with asphalt. Since my arrival in Brazil, I became quite focused on this ‘pedra portuguesa’ in my work. for me it has become a metaphor for impermanence. I gave this piece the title ‘supernova’ due to the astronomical phenomena of the same name; a massive explosion which occurs at the end of the life of a star in space.’

Artist Details

Hoey employs tactile materials such as gesso, jute and metal leaf to produce multi layered works with highly detailed surfaces. For the artist, materiality acts as conductor between the inner and outer worlds of human experience. The materials employed serve as a code, each has it’s correspondence.  For example, the choice of gold leaf is related to ideas of purification and transformation.

Hoey’s practice, and his choice of materials is informed through direct experience with his environment. Current influence is derived from his time spent in Brazil where the artist feels immersed in a culture steeped in a history of colonisation, slavery and tribal folklore. For the artist, this history is imbedded into the land, the architecture, even the pavements, which have become a focal point in recent works.

Richard is a self-taught artist with a background in design.  In 2012, he completed an MA in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School. Hoey regularly participates in solo and group exhibits including Gruen Galleries, Chicago USA.  Zane Bennett Contemporary, Santa Fe USA.  The Unit, London UK . Sim Smith Gallery, London UK.  He Lives and works between Brazil and the UK.

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